We, Fountain Buildings, are a company that builds and delivers portable storage buildings. Our storage buildings for sale in Greenville SC materials are top notch and our delivery services unmatched. We charge affordable prices with collateral deposits of as low as $99, and no credit check. For items like storage buildings and sheds, we understand the importance of a warranty and give you the longest warranty durations the industry has.

Storage Sheds in Greenville SC – Our services

We deliver and setup custom made storage buildings and storage sheds to our clients wherever they are. We, also, build storage buildings as per clients’ instructions and then deliver and setup the buildings for them in their premises. Tailor made storage buildings delivery takes between one and two weeks while custom made storage buildings can be delivered within 48 hours depending on the distance. We urge clients to prepare the sitting ground for the buildings or sheds to avoid unnecessary time wastage during setup.

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Storage Sheds GreenvilleFees

Our storage buildings prices depend on the size. Delivery and setup fees may, also, apply. Clients who are within a 30 miles radius, from the ordering point, get free delivery while those beyond that distance get charged $2.50 per extra mile. We offer free setup for setups that take less than 30 minutes. Large storage buildings may require more setup time, hence we charge $45 for each extra hour. We charge cancelation fees depending on the time the cancellation is made after ordering. A client can cancel his or her building’s delivery before the delivery of already ordered building, before delivery of already built container and after delivery but failed setup at a fee of $50, $175 and $250, respectively.


Our storage buildings come with a 2 years warranty from the completion date of the container. If and when a client paints the building before 60 days expire from the purchase day, we require him or her to send us photos of the painted storage building. The warranty of such a building starts from the time we receive and assess the pictures.

Sheds Greenville SC – Conclusion

The need for a portable storage building is our motivation to building and supplying our clients durable storage buildings Greenville SC. We, Fountain Buildings, deliver and setup storage buildings for free if done within a 30 miles radius, and less than 30 minutes setup. Additional distance and setup time get charged per hour of extra work. Rent-To-Own program is our financing option to help you get the container you need. You can contact us anytime at fountainbuildings@gmail.com or 864.573.9898.